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Revealed! The best- and worst-supported clubs in La Liga

Eibar have the highest average stadium fill in La Liga, arguably making them the best supported team in Spain.

Having been re-instated into the league following Elche’s financial mismanagement, Eibar’s fans are flocking to their games, giving them a league-high stadium fill of 98.6% (6,215 fans per game on average at a 6,300 stadium capacity ground). 

The two big Madrid teams follow next - but with considerably lesser percentages (Real Madrid, 82.5% - 70,549/85,454; Atletico Madrid, 82.5% - 45,358/54,960).

Getafe feel the ache of sharing the Spanish capital with two of the biggest clubs in the world as they finish lowest (37.0% - 6,548/17,700). Their misery can be felt by Espanyol too, who are based in Barcelona (48.1% - 19,466/40,500). Even with their promising European push in the league, Celta Vigo are 18th (57.3% - 18,240/31,800).

Barcelona are fourth (78.7%, 75,818) whilst Real Sociedad, David Moyes’ former employers, are 16th (63.37%, 20,326).  

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