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Revealed! The best- and worst-supported Serie A clubs

Juventus have the highest average stadium fill in Serie A. That may not be surprising, but it does show how the Old Lady regularly pack out their Juventus Stadium.

The league-leaders, who have dominated Serie A for several years, are constantly getting the highest stadium fills (93.0% per game: their average attendance is 38,355 while their stadium capacity is 41,254). Frosinone, recently promoted from Serie B, have the second highest average stadium fill but are a long way off the leaders Juve (75.5% - 7,308/9,680). Juventus’ city rivals, Torino are third (65.5% - 18,445/28,140).

The three worst average stadium fills belong to Carpi (42.2% - 8,925/21,151), Chievo (31.1% - 11,954/38,402) and Lazio (27.8% - 20,403/73,261). These statistics show the huge decline in attendances Italy has been suffering - more evidence as to why Juventus built a new, smaller stadium. 

The two Milan clubs, with AC reportedly in the process of building a new stadium, are suffering in attendances too (Milan, 44.96% - 35,961; Inter, 56.61% - 45,297). Lazio’s city rivals Roma are nearly doubling their attendances (54.83% - 40,171).

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