Stats Zone: Frequently Asked Questions

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Ahead of FourFourTwo’s exciting new Stats Zone app (powered by data from Opta), your FAQs are answered...

Will I have to pay for Stats Zone?
Stats Zone will be free to download with complete 2010-11 Premier League season data, allowing you to play with the app and analyse performances from the last campaign in detail – ideal for last-minute changes to your Fantasy Football line-up. To access full live data during the 2011-12 Premier League season, there is a small in-app purchase – just £2.49 for the full season in the UK, though this will be different in other territories.

Can I get the app on Android?
Initially, Stats Zone will only be available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad run in scaled mode). However, hopes are high that it can be brought to other platforms, including Android and a bespoke iPad version at some point in the future. As with everything, the future development of Stats Zone will be based on how well this first version is received.

In what countries is Stats Zone available?
It’s available anywhere that has an App Store, so in over 120 countries. Check for details to see if apps can be downloaded in your area.

Will Stats Zone be available for other leagues, such as the Championship or La Liga?
Depending on the success of this version, it is possible extra top European leagues will be added to the Stats Zone app at some point in the future. Unfortunately for fans of Championship clubs and teams in lower leagues, Stats Zone is only possible using data covered at the highest level of detail by Opta, and this currently does not include the English second tier. Yet another reason, then, to pray for promotion.

Is there anything added to last year’s Total Football app for the Champions League?
Plenty. Though Stats Zone’s development was based on the Total Football app, many new features have been designed and included.

For one, there’s a new player dashboard, which gives you access to all player events on a single screen, from tackles and interceptions to shots and goals, with the match timeline shown underneath. The improved Player Stats section includes top players for 11 different events, allowing you to see easily who has been doing what in the match.

You also have access to the line-ups as represented on the pitch using Opta’s formation feed, so you can accurately tell if a team is playing 4-3-3 or 4-4-2.

What else? An improved Match Stats section that links directly through to chalkboards, rather than merely giving you the raw numbers. There is also a league table available, and improved event iconography to make different events easier to distinguish.

And most usefully of all, there’s a brand new tutorial to help you get started. It’s a whole new ball game.

How quickly does the data become available? Can I only see it after the game?
No, you can see it much quicker than that – during the game, in fact. The data reaches your phone near-live, helping you to settle those pub arguments straight away. The stats are updated in almost real-time, and all you have to do is tap the refresh button to make sure you’re accessing the latest data.

Will Stats Zone update with any internet connection?
Any data connection is sufficient, such as 3G or Edge, but wi-fi is recommended – especially if you want to fire off some quickire analysis via the share feature.

So how do I show off my new-found expert analysis? Can I tweet it?
You sure can. From the chalkboard view, just tap Share in the bottom-right corner. That will upload an image of what you’re looking at (including a side-by-side comparison if you’re doing head-to-head analysis) and let you post the link to show the world. You can do that either via Twitter or Facebook, or just send it to a select few via email and SMS.

Can I trust these statistics to be accurate?
Of course: all data is provided by Opta, Europe’s leading sports data suppliers. Opta data is used by the biggest brands in sport, including media publishers, bookmakers, sponsors, broadcasters and football clubs themselves.

Who do we have to thank for this app?
FourFourTwo, Opta and developer Colm McMullan, who previously worked on the Champions League Total Football app.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about Stats Zone? Comment below or tweet at @StatsZone.