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Switzerland fans travel 1,240 miles to the World Cup... in a tractor

Tractor museum owner Beat Studer and his two pals, Werner Zimmermann and Josef Wyer, decided they would undertake the painstakingly slow, mammoth journey across the continent after Switzerland qualified for the World Cup.

The grand incentive was the money they were able to raise for charity - a whopping 20,000 Swiss Francs (£15,227) so far.

The trio rolled up at the Kaliningrad Stadium on Thursday ahead of Switzerland's Group E fixture against Serbia.

Studer and Zimmerman took on six-hour shifts each day at the wheel, while Wyer drove the support van and handled logistics. 

Upon their arrival, Studer joked that his 'friends' proved a bigger issue than actually driving the tractor.

He told reporters: "With the tractor we have no problems. I had the problem with the two drivers every night when they finished driving.

"I would tell them they are like the two on the Muppet Show because always they are like children.

"Normally a man one time in his life can do something like this, so we had really, really good time together."

Wyer added: "Stupid ideas come only when you are a little bit drunken."

The three abstained from alcohol on Saturday, when they were pulled over by police in Poland and Studer was breathalysed for suspected drunk driving. 

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