Argentine boy dies after gun attack on bus

BUENOS AIRES- A 14-year-old football fan died on Thursday after being shot along with two men when their bus was attacked on the way back to Rosario from a match in Buenos Aires, local media reported on Thursday.

The boy was hit in the head by three bullets in the attack in the early hours of the morning on the motorway linking the capital with Rosario, Argentina's second city, a Rosario police inspector told local radio.

A man of 28 and another of 42 were also hit but were out of danger.

They were part of a coachload of fans returning from their team's first division match against Huracan in the Buenos Aires district of Parque Patricios on Wednesday night.

Media reported the attack might have been by a rival group of fans of the same team, an increasingly common occurrence in Argentine football as hardcore supporters' groups called "barras bravas" fight turf wars.

They also reported that witnesses said the weapons used were machine guns.

Police were still searching for suspects.