Cagliari call for rescheduling of Roma clash

Serie A club Cagliari asked Lazio regional courts on Friday to reschedule a match that was called off and awarded as a 3-0 win to Roma after the club defied orders to play the fixture without supporters in a row over the safety of the Is Arenas stadium.

Club president Massimo Cellino told fans the ground was safe, invited them to turn up for the game last September and criticised the city government for placing bureaucratic obstacles in the club's way.

The Italian news agency Ansa said the club's legal team had called the awarding of the win to Roma "illegal".

Cellino has been arrested and charged with embezzlement and false representation over the rebuilding of the stadium along with the mayor of Quartu Sant'Elena, where the Is Arenas is located and a councillor.

Cagliari will play their remaining home games this season in Trieste on the the far side of Italian mainland, near the border with Slovenia, after the club refused to present a plan to authorities that would enable season ticket holders to attend games.