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Jesper Blomqvist exclusive: "Duncan Ferguson stole my car at Everton – for obvious reasons, I chose not to say anything to him..."

esper Blomqvist of Everton celebrates scoring his first goal in three years and scoring the winning goal during the FA Barclaycard Premiership match against Sunderland played at Goodison Park, in Liverpool, England. Everton won the match 1-0.
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Jesper Blomqvist had a fairly short but highly successful stint in the Premier League – during which he played alongside some of the division's biggest hardmen.

A treble winner with Manchester United (opens in new tab) in 1998/99, the Swedish winger moved on to Everton (opens in new tab) in 2001 – and found that not even his most valuable possessions were safe...

In an interview for the latest issue of FourFourTwo, Blomqvist recalled the time a Toffees teammate 'borrowed' his car.

"That was Duncan Ferguson," he told FFT. "When he was injured and I came back in from training, he said, 'Great car you have, Jesper. I just took it for a spin.' For obvious reasons, I chose to leave it at that!"

Blomqvist's three years at Old Trafford ought to have given him a taste of what to experience from English football's most fiery characters: he played in the same team as a certain Roy Keane – who blamed him for the booking which saw him miss the 1999 Champions League final.

September 2022, FourFourTwo

Jesper Blomqvist spoke in the latest issue of FourFourTwo magazine (Image credit: Future)
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"I felt it was harsh," said Blomqvist. "I can understand he was disappointed that he missed the final, but he had one of his best games [in United's semi-final second leg win against Juventus (opens in new tab)] after getting that yellow card, so he also has to thank me a bit! 

"Roy's greatness was the way he conducted himself to get the best out of everybody. He was the captain and led by example. It took me a while to realise not to take it all personally. He put you on alert to give your all. You could never pull out of a tackle or not track back."

What's Blomqvist up to these days, then? Running a prize-winning pizzeria in Sweden, of course!

"Since I stopped playing, I've been searching for what to do," he explained. "I've studied; I've coached; I've been a pundit. Then I did cooking courses and it was the first time after football that I found something I could do for hours.

"We've won a couple of awards in Sweden and were voted one of Europe's 50 best pizzerias. It's great."

The September issue of FourFourTwo is available to order with free delivery right now. Get your copy here. (opens in new tab)

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