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Football Manager 2022: Everything we know about the brand-new game, out on November 9

Football Manager 2022
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Football Manager 2022 is one of the most anticipated games of the year on any platform with makers Sports Interactive and Sega staying tight-lipped on features for now. 

Details are scant for now but we should expect to see plenty of new features and reworks to make FM22 the most realistic game to date. And that's without covering the newest wonderkids, bargains and best teams to play with that we'll dive into soon enough. 

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For now, here's everything that we know about the new Football Manager game.



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What new features will there be in FM22?

Will women's football be included in FM22?

Football Manager

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The big news about Football Manager in recent weeks is that women's football is set to come to the game.

Recently, FFT spoke exclusively to Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson and Chelsea women's manager Emma Hayes about women's football becoming part of the game. Miles confirmed that this is one of the biggest and most ambitious things that the FM team have ever done - but that it will not be ready for FM22

Expect it as a headline feature of Football Manager 2023. 

Recruitment meetings

Recruitment meetings were one of the most interesting additions to FM21 - but they could be set to become even more important for the next version of the game.

When FFT spoke to Miles Jacobson around the launch of FM21, the studio director confirmed that the team were looking at making them an integral part of signing players for their next update.

"We will be doing a lot more work on recruitment meetings in the future and making them an absolutely pivotal part of the game," Miles confirmed. "At the moment, it’s something that you find useful, I find useful, some people will ignore them - I want to get those to a stage where they’re absolutely vital. I always want more."

Which players should I sign in FM22?

As hype begins to build for Football Manager 2022 dropping, lists of wonderkids, bargains and free agents that everyone wants to sign, will begin to circulate. 

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