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Quiz! Can you name the last 30 players to score in a League Cup final?

The League Cup has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent seasons. For a time viewed as an inconvenience, its early position in the calendar has actually helped its profile. While the FA Cup final struggles against the attention given to the end of the league season and the Champions League culmination, the League Cup final has its own spot in late February.

There isn’t any huge distractions in the football calendar, fans are ready for a day out and clubs are eager for silverware; either to set up grander triumphs to come or to provide a high point to an otherwise average season.

These are the players who’ve been doing their best to deliver that three-handled trophy for their clubs. Each one has scored in a League Cup final over the past decade or so – the last 30 players to do so, in fact.

You have seven minutes to try to name them all, based on their clubs, positions and all-time League Cup final goals. Get cracking and then let us know how you do @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some pals too while you’re at it. Good luck!

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