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Quiz! Can you name the biggest rivalries in English football?

Manchester derby
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10 minutes on the clock, 149 clubs to guess.

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Rivalries can be formed over the silliest of things. When you think about it, you should love thy neighbour... not lob smoke bombs at them. 

But this is football and only those who've never felt it would consider such a thing. So we listed out the top rivalries in the top four divisions of English football and grouped the teams together. 

Some teams are rivals stemming back from historic matches with something on the line. Some have the misfortune to have been from the same area. Some have an intense dislike based on a feud that they can't even remember. In some cases, it's a few of these reasons.

Not all of these rivalries have names, so we've listed out the place where necessary. Others are named after the connecting road, while others aren't local derbies but do count as rivalries. And some, such as in London, can be derbies, when whoever plays whoever. Can you name each club we've listed?


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