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Quiz! Can you name the top-scoring Premier League foreigners by their debut seasons?

“In all the time I’ve been in football, I’ve never not been looking for a striker. They are very few and far between, and certainly at Premier League level they are very scarce.”

So Everton's director of football, Steve Walsh – whose recruitment helped Leicester to the title last season – recently told FourFourTwo.  

Everyone loves a good marksman; those fabled 20-goal-a-season strikers who'll win you stuff. The truth is, though, that only five foreign players have ever hit those heights in their first Premier League season – and they're all buried below in our latest quiz.

You've got five minutes to name the 20 men from abroad who've bagged at least 15 goals in their first top-flight seasons since 1992/93, and then tell us how you got on over at @FourFourTwo. Challenge your mates and tell us your scores – we'll retweet them so long as you don't give away answers. Good luck! 

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