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Quiz! Name these 20 players by their famous goal celebrations

manchester united

The elaborate dance, the spontaneous eruption of eye-popping emotion or the 'old faithful', which a player breaks out without even thinking about it – there are a lot of approaches to a goal celebration.

FFT is a traditionalist so we go down the simple route of checking the linesman hasn't ruled it out, then saluting to the fans. Then kissing the badge. Then looking across at the player who gave the assist to give them the that's for you eyes. Then high-fiving the manager. Then the substitutes. Then sitting on the bench for a moment to take it all in. Then pulling some medicinal alcohol from the physio's bag, taking a large swig and pouring some onto the pitch. One for our homies.

Where were we? Oh yes – well it’s nothing compared to these goal-grabbers who produced such epic celebrations. All you need to do is tell us who the player is based on a 110% accurate outline of them.

Then let us know you did @FourFourTwo – and challenge some pals to see how they get on. They will love it or your money back.

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