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Ashley Young's step by step gym guide: Improve your speed

“With your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, place a barbell behind your neck. Tighten your core, push your chest out and bend at the knees and hips. Push through your heels to straighten your knees and hips and return to a standing position."
Reps: 8 Sets: 3


“With your feet together, take a step forward, bending your front knee to a 45 degree angle. Keep your hips back, until in a split-stance position. Drive your weight through your front foot to push yourself back to standing stance. Repeat on other leg."

Reps: 8 Sets: 3


“Lie on your back, placing your legs – from your heel to the top of the calf – on top of the ball. Inhale, lifting your hips in line with your ankles, knees and shoulders. Bring your knees back towards your hips, rolling the ball towards your glutes. Push the ball out to starting position and repeat."

Reps: 8 Sets: 3

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