FFA threatens action over 'unacceptable' Wanderers fans

Football Federation Australia has revealed it is reviewing last night's "unacceptable" crowd behaviour from Western Sydney Wanderers fans at Etihad Stadium and has threatened to take action to ban troublemakers.

Nineteen flares were let off during the Melbourne Victory-Wanderers clash, with more than 25,000 fans, in attendance.

Play was stopped barely a quarter of an hour into the game, after a flare was let off in the Wanderers' section of the crowd.

Four people were evicted during the match, one spectator was arrested by police for being drunk, while 24 seats were damaged.

In a strong statement, FFA CEO David Gallop slammed the fan behaviour.

"The behaviour of some fans and in particular a section of the Western Sydney Wanderers fans at last night's match was unacceptable and will not be tolerated," Gallop said.

"FFA is currently compiling all reports from Victorian Police, stadium security and both clubs before deciding what action to take.

"This is a clear reminder of the type of people we do not want in our game and that will be reflected in the final outcomes of our enquiries.

"FFA is currently undertaking a review of the security and banning procedures to ensure a fair process for fans who are identified as misbehaving but will not waver from protecting the safety of spectators.

"Finding that balance during the banning process is central to our review but last night's events should be a reminder that the actions of a minority can damage the reputation and image of the game.

"That is why we will continue to identify and ban troublemakers."

The issue arises only months after the long-running drama between the FFA and active supporters.

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Weak as water is FFA. They had their chance to root out these mugs but instead caved in falling over themselves with apologies. When the RBB went on strike that was their cue to tell them to come back if they wanted to support the club or stay away otherwise. Crowds may well have fallen away initially but would have gradually come back without the mugs.