Gameiro backs Miller to make his mark at Jets

Melbourne City’s Corey Gameiro is backing Scott Miller to succeed, saying the ex-Fulham coach and rookie A-League boss will unite Newcastle Jets with his drive and passion.

Melbourne City’s 22-year-old striker crossed paths with fellow Aussie Miller during their time at Craven Cottage.

Gameiro was a teenager in the youth and reserves setup from 2009, while Miller worked at the London club for almost a decade under some top managers before landing the Jets gig, aged 33, in June this year.

The pair struck up a working friendship based on the Aussie connection.

But Gameiro also saw first-hand the drive and talent in the young coach. And he can see why he got the Jets job and how success can come to the Hunter club under Miller.

“He can be a hard man – when he needs to be – but he’s also very approachable, which is what you want as a manager, someone you can have a chat with or call,” Gameiro said.

“But you’ll know when he’s serious.

“He’s a very passionate and driven man and that’s how he’ll be with his players. He’ll be very, very well organised.

“His passion and drive is contagious. You thrive off his energy. And when that comes across into his side, they’ll be a tough team to beat.

“He’s very competitive and he’ll want to win. He wants to win in everything he does.

“If he wants something, he’ll work as hard as he can to get it."

The Olyroo forward, who's working hard in the gym after an ACL injury lay-off, added: “I’ve sent him some messages on Twitter since he’s been back. And when I saw him the other day I gave him a big hug.”

Gameiro made the big jump from South Coast Wolves to Fulham aged just 16.

It was a huge move for a player from Wollongong, an area that doesn't even have a local A-League club.

And being so young and on the other side of the world wasn’t easy. So the former Sydney FC forward appreciated having Miller to pep him up occasionally with some Aussie banter at Craven Cottage.

“He was just nice enough to ask me how I was going,” Gameiro said. “Over there, when you’re a little fish in a very, very big pond, sometimes all you need is someone to say, ‘hey, how are you going?’

“He’d give me a pat on the head or slap and say ‘run along little chicken, I’ll see you soon!’”

Gameiro, like Miller, had a dream to make it overseas early in his career.

Miller has stated Roy Hodgson was an inspiration behind his coaching career. And Gameiro agreed there was something magical about the now-England manager.

“Roy had this aura about him,” Gameiro said.

“He was such a leader. Everyone knew he was the boss. He had that presence.”

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