Western Sydney Wanderers fans

A-League boycott comes to an end

The fan boycott in the A-League is over after supporters and the governing body reached an in-principle agreement.

Active fan groups from all 10 A-League clubs have confirmed they have ended their boycott of matches after reaching an in-principle agreement with Football Federation Australia (FFA).

A couple of changes to the fan-banning processes were agreed upon during a four-hour meeting in Sydney on Wednesday.

The alterations included changing of banning notices to become "intention to ban" notices, while fans will also have the opportunity to view evidence being relied on for any proposed ban.

"The minimum requirements of those systems have been agreed to, with the finer details to be finalised shortly," an FFA statement read.

"There has also been an unequivocal commitment by the FFA to defend football and its fans."

FFA has agreed to implement the changes by no later than February 19 next year, but fan groups have made it very clear they will hold FFA to account if they believe the in-principle agreement is not ratified.

"The FFA have committed to providing active supporter groups with details of arrangements it has with third party security service providers," Western Syndey Wanderers active fan group the RBB said.

"It is on this basis, and provided of course, that the FFA formally implements these systems, that the RBB has agreed to temporarily suspend fan boycotts.

"Make no mistake, in the event that the FFA fails in meeting these commitments by the 19th February 2016, the RBB will take all necessary steps to hold it accountable."

Fingers crossed the A-League's atmosphere will be back to its regular high levels this weekend with a top-of-the-table clash between Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory headlining round 10.