Sam Kerr: "We've got to stand for what's right"

Samantha Kerr says the Matildas had to stand up for what’s right after boycotting the scheduled matches against world champions USA this month.

The Matildas pulled the plug on two sold-out matches against the 2015 Women’s World Cup winners amid the ongoing row between the Professional Footballers’ Australia (PFA) and Football Federation Australia (FFA) around the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
There were widespread reports underlining the disparity in pay between the Matildas and Socceroos during the Women’s World Cup earlier this year, with narrowing the gap part of the CBA discussions.
It is understood, the FFA and PFA met again on Monday 21 September, with the negotiations ongoing but optimism about a resolution being close.
Kerr, who was named Perth Glory’s W-League captain at the club’s season launch on Friday, did not want to dwell on the issue but said the players had to take a stand.
“We’ve got to stand for what is right,” Kerr said.
“Everyone wants to play the world champions especially so soon after they won the World Cup, but I’m sure we’ll get another opportunity.”
It is understood six players in the Matildas group still wanted the USA tour to go ahead, including co-captain Lisa De Vanna. Kerr didn’t want to buy into the discussion.
“Obviously we’re in discussion with FFA,” she said.
“To be honest, I’m not really thinking about that. It’s gone over my head in the last week.”
Meanwhile, Kerr was excited by the impact of new Glory Women coach and club legend Bobby Despotovski.
Despotovski, who is the club’s all-time top scorer and made almost 250 appearances for Glory, is well known for his passion and flamboyance and Kerr said she hopes that translates into the side’s style.
“There’s a lot of banter at training. He brings out the best in people,” she said.
“He’s making people go above and beyond, he’s expecting more of certain players and expecting more of all of us. He’s pushing us to the limit, which is great.
“Hopefully some of his personality comes out in our style of play.”
The W-League commences on Saturday 17 October with Glory away to Melbourne Victory at ABD Stadium.



What a selfish idiot. She'll regret saying no to such an opportunity once she is retired and realises jusr how lucky she was to be given a chance to play the game she loves. She needs to wake up and realise that the women soceeroos don't deserve pay equality with the men. It has nothing to do with their gender. It has everything to do with the fact that only a very small minority of our population watch women football (ie they are a loss making busines for the ffa and clubs).I feel sorry for players like de vanna who actually understand how fortunate they already are

Well said, dcworldwide. Good luck with expecting that, "I'm sure we will get another opportunity," to play the world champions. The organisers will think twice before they invite the Matildas again. And think of the lost opportunities for those who are seeking to show their talents on the world stage in the hope of being signed by a club which would have paid the sort of money the FFA can't afford. Negotiations should have been left to the PFA A pity there weren't a few more Lisa da Vannas in the squad.