Shane Warne's Chelsea crush: I love Mourinho!

Even cricketing great Shane Warne can get a little star struck at the thought of football powerhouse Chelsea hitting Australian shores for the first time in 41 years.

The Aussie bowling legend will be joining about 84,000 fans at ANZ Stadium when the five-time Premier League champions take on Sydney FC for a Tuesday nighr blockbuster.

Warne took over 1300 first-class wickets during a stellar career and, while cricket remains closest to his heart, he's by no means a recent convert to the Chelsea ranks.

"In 1989 I was playing club cricket down in Bristol and we caught the train to watch the game and I fell in love with Chelsea straight away,’ he told Chelsea TV in an exclusive interview earlier this month.

"It’s not one of those things where I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of late with Chelsea’s success. I’ve been a big supporter since 1989 – 26 years."

Warne added: “I’ve always liked John Terry, he’s been fantastic. My son loves (Didier) Drogba, he’s absolutely obsessed with him on his FIFA game and he always says,  ‘Dad, come here’ and I have to go and watch him play, which is pretty cool.

"(Eden) Hazard’s been fantastic as well and I love (Jose) Mourinho, he’s super cool. It’s not often one of your favourites is the manager but he’s probably mine.

“In team sports there are always similarities with the dynamic of the group and you have to get the best out of each individual, and Mourinho does that very well.

“I think with team sports it’s about big moments and with Chelsea, whenever those big moments come around they seem to deal with them very well. They have a belief that they can win from any position, which I like. I really enjoy watching Chelsea play.”

And while Warne says football in Australia “has become really big in the last few years” – and his son plays the game – there’s no doubt he’ll be barracking for the star-studded visitors.

"My loyalties are with Chelsea, absolutely no doubt whatsoever."