Adidas F50 Review

Adidas, you’ve lost the plot! You guys have just gone full berserk; but whoever said that was a bad thing? We certainly didn’t!

Adidas, you've lost the plot! No, really, this time you've just taken it too far. 

You guys have just gone full berserk; but whoever said that was a bad thing? We certainly didn't! Because in this instance, going all out and creating something as crazy as this new adiZero V actually worked out very well… despite what the critics say.

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Speaking of critics, the motto behind Adidas’ launch of the adiZero V, alongside with its other silos, is “There will be haters”.  And yes, they did use Suarez as a head poster-boy.

So, either you love it or you hate it, because clearly Adidas know that with anything you do, and wear, even on the footy field: you’ll come across haters. But, the question we asked ourselves was of course: “Are we haters of the new AdiZero?” We took to the field in pursuit of our answer…

Right, so the AdiZero is all about speed, and rightly so: it’s a speed boot. Lightweight, thin, and aggressive. That’s what we got with the boot. But before we dive straight into how the boot performs, let’s take a closer look at the tech specs and what the shoe is all about.

First up, the upper. The upper is constructed of what Adidas call, ‘HYBRIDTOUCH’. Essentially what this is, is a material that Adidas has developed to be lightweight, responsive, super soft, and somewhat mimic a leather like feel. Oh, and it is a synthetic boot, but there is a leather variation to choose from as well. Accompanying the HYBRIDTOUCH, you get ‘DRIBBLETEX’. All over the upper, you’ll find a raised snakeskin pattern. Moving your hand along the boot, you’ll find how ‘grippy’ the added 3D raised pattern is. What this will create, is extra friction and grip on the ball in any weather conditions: rain, hail, snow, blizzard, you name it. It also ties in with the overall aesthetics of the boot, creating that snakeskin/dragon like image. 

On the flip side of the upper, the lining of the boot is very smooth, and provides a lot of step-in comfort. The forefoot is more padded than the rest of the boot, which will create that leather like sensation and providing more comfort and protection, as well as better control on the ball. 

The soleplate is what really brings attention to the shoe, and that’s a no brainer really. Have a look at it: where have you ever seen something like this on any other football boot?! We put our counting hats on and went 1 by 1 to count the amount of studs on the boot. 9main studs, 14 smaller studs, all accompanied by minuscule spikes all over theforefoot. So other than it looking cool and downright crazy, what’s the point?Traction, grip, and extra bite. Having all of this should provide you with ultimate grip and traction on any surface. Plus, it is designed to be also be used on those 3G and Synthetic Grass fields popping up all over the place now. 

So, that’s what the boot is. But how does it perform? That’s what you came here for, right? It’s pre-season, your looking for something that’ll you give you that extra something in your game, and we think you just may have found the boot for you…

Judging from our experiences on the training grounds and out on the match fields, the adiZero V does live up to its name. First of all, the AdiZero is insanely comfortable from right out of the box. The initial step in comfort is incredible, and only gets better once you start wearing them in. Because of the forefoot being more padded than the rest of the shoe, you really get that soft and leather like feel from your more traditional boot, still maintaining the qualities, characteristics and benefits of a synthetic boot. Dribbling and controlling the ball is a breeze and pleasure, all due to the 3D DRIBBLETEX on the upper. Combining with the HYBRIDTOUCH material, you get just the right amount of grip on the ball: so running at high speeds while keeping the ball at your feet is a job too easy done with the AdiZero. 

Striking the ball in the AdiZero was easy and no fuss. Because the lateral and medial sides as well the tongue are thin, you get that real ‘ping’ and responsive feel when hitting that ball. But the most pleasure we got out of the upper was making touches on the ball in the forefoot, all thanks to that extra padded toe box. It truly does create a sensational playing experience, amazing comfort and protection, and superb ball feel.

Because of the speed boot aesthetic and aura, you expect the shoe to feel like one. Well, because of the newly designed soleplate and traction system, your expectations come to life. Because of the radical and sharp stud pattern and design you get on the new AdiZero V, you get that insane amount of bite and grip on most playing surfaces. You can really feel how much grip you are receiving when running and making sharp, side to side maneuvers. You get stability all the way through the soleplate: heel to toe. And, the most important thing is; you feel fast! Because that’s what speed boots are made for. Not to make you fast (nothing but training and hard work can) but it makes you feel fast, and ready to pounce at anything.

You can sit here and judge the boot for yourself. Or go out and try them on. None the less, there will be haters. But are we? Certainly not! We had our doubts and little questions about the boot, but after testing them out, we are lovers. It really is a boot that speaks for itself, and is one for those with confidence and bravery: hence why Besart Berisha and Luiz Suarez wear them. Oh, and Messi. Messi wears them too. 

To check out the boot for yourself, head to for more info and to order the boot.

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