Firing home free-kicks with Aaron Mooy

Western Sydney Wanderers and Socceroos set-piece specialist Aaron Mooy offers up his insights and tips on taking free-kicks and reveals Juninho provided his inspiration

Practice makes perfect

“It’s all about lots of practice. When I was younger I used to go down to the park a lot and take free-kicks all day.” 

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Horses for courses

“There’s different techniques you can try. You can use your laces or you can curl it. It depends how you think you’regoing to score.

“If it’s closer to goal you’re going to try and curl it over the wall. If you’re further out you might need more power, you use your laces.

“Juninho, of Olympique Lyon fame, had a technique where he’d use his laces, he was unbelievable at it but it’s not easy to master.”

Keep your head down

“I try and concentrate on the connection with the ball. If you get that right, you’ve got half a chance of testing the keeper.

“I try to concentrate on the contact and keeping your head down. Sometimes when you hit it, you want to see where it’s going before you’ve hit the ball, so you need to focus on the contact and not try to watch it go in.”

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