Joel Griffiths's finishing school

Sydney FC striker Joel Griffiths has scored at every club he's played for. Find out how he sniffs out goals...

Making runs off the ball

"Timing and anticipation are everything when making runs off the ball, especially forward runs to get in behind a defence. You have to be aware of what is happening around the ball, sometimes anticipating two or three passes before someone is ready to put a ball to where you want to be.

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"If you wait until the last moment then you and the defenders around you are looking to a similar area at the same time. You need to be able to get a jump on your defender to get that yard of space and to do that you have to anticipate."

Positioning from a corner

"In the modern game most teams will have set positions and roles from corners, as well as free kicks in and around the box. It’s important to play your role in those set pieces but it is equally important to be aware and stay alive for the second ball.

"I like to look for the flick on if the ball is swung into the near post but no matter where you end up it is important to keep moving because reacting to the unexpected second ball is a lot easier if you are on the move."

Finishing one-on-one

"One-on-one situations are all different, depending on the angle you are running at or the distance a goalkeeper has come off his line but generally I make my decision based on what the goalkeeper is doing with his legs.

"If he is moving out then I find it best to pick a side and shoot but if the goalkeeper stops and sets himself then my mind set is that he is flat and I’ll try to take a touch around him and slot it home."

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