Outmuscle the targetman

Getting bullied by the opposition's big targetman? Don't worry West Ham United defender Danny Gabbidon has the answers

“It’s the same story every week for our team: we look good upfront, but our centre-back is a 5ft 7in weed who gets outmuscled by big, hulking centre forwards. What can I tell him to do?”
Alan Bodlane, Hampshire

Danny Gabbidon says:
“It’s tough, but sometimes you’ve got to just try and let the big man have the ball. If you try and wrestle with big strikers, they can make you look a bit silly. Trying to match your strength with his is impossible.

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Obviously in the box when the crosses are coming in, you have to try and get in front of the striker then – when defending a corner, for example, try and be aggressive: when the ball’s there, get to it first and win it.

But in open play, sometimes you have to accept a striker is going to win a header from you, or hold the ball up, and you have to try and be a bit clever. Don’t use strength: try to get the ball in front of the striker, or get your midfielder to come and help you from the other side.

He [your opponent] might have a bad touch if you put a little bit of pressure on him. It depends on what kind of defender you are, as well. If you’ve got a good leap then even if you’re smaller you can win your fair share of headers.”

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