Pre-Season Guide - Small Sided Game 1

Small sided games are a great way to build pre-season fitness, touch and game sense.

Small sided games are a great way to build fitness, improve touch and develop better game sense in players at any time of the season.

Anthony Crea from Sydney FC guides the players through a 6 v 6 small sided game with two keepers and two wide men outside the playing are who play for whichever team has possession. The two wide men are only allowed two touches.

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This encourages players to switch play regularly to the free wide men to create goal scoring opportunities and keep possession.

 A progression would be to make sure that for a goal to count all the players in the attacking side must be in the attacking half - this encourages players to move forward as the ball moves up the pitch and increases the conditioning effect from the game with players continually moving up and down the pitch mirroring what happens in the full sized game.


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