Theo: Attacks start from the keeper

Brisbane Roar's passing style has long been lauded & their title-winning keeper Michael Theo discusses playing out from the back

“The game has changed. When I was growing up it wasn’t like that. You obviously had the back pass rule. I was a late developer in terms of learning to play out from the back. But it’s imperative now for young keepers to learn that and keep improving.”

Be comfortable with the ball at your feet

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“It’s so important nowadays that goalkeepers are comfortable with the ball at their feet. Goalkeepers are starting the first attack really, especially in the past with the Roar, we like to play out from the back.”

Provide an option

“You’ve got to make sure you’re always alert and giving options to your defenders.

“Being a goalkeeper, if you’re going to pass the ball, you want to pass it out wide, not straight, because if you do lose possession of the ball straight on there’s a good chance they’ll have a shot at goal.

“If you do pass it wide and it gets turned over, you’ve still got time to re-position. Definitely goalkeepers these days have to be comfortable on the ball.”

Train with the ball

“We always start training with the ball on the deck, doing short passes. At the end of training we do goal kicks, playing it short. You’d be surprised by the amount of time we put into distribution.”

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