Thwaite: Play with a smile on your face

Socceroos defender Michael Thwaite says enjoy football and you’ll go a long way

Learn the basics and keep smiling

“When I was growing there wasn’t a lot ofskill acquisition programs around, especially in Far North Queensland, so theextra time you spend by yourself learning the basics of the game goes a longway to achieving success. 

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“You also need to always have a strongbelief in your own ability whilst keeping the game as simple as possible.

“Most of all it’s important to play with asmile on your face.”

Someone’s always working harder than you

“It’s always good to do a lot of extratraining and that incorporates nutrition as well. You need to make sure if youare doing extra sessions you capitalize on it by eating the right foods andgetting the appropriate hydration.

“It’s all about doing those extra metrescompared to everyone else. Someone’s always working that much harder than you,so it’s up to you to raise the level.”

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