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Quiz! Can you name every team at Euro 96?


Five minutes on the clock, 16 answers to guess.

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

1996 was year that Blur and Oasis fought for chart dominance, that Charles and Diana divorced, and when England opened its doors to Europe's footballing finest, for a three-week spectacle that we still talk about 24 years later – it's being shown on ITV at the moment, and we celebrated in the January issue of FourFourTwo.

We all have our memories of that tournament - Gazza's celebration, David Seaman's penalty heroics and Gareth Southgate's penalty heartbreak - but England aside, who else do you remember from the tournament?

You have five minutes to guess every single team to compete in Euro 96, from the newly-formed nations, to the old favourites. Yes - you can have England, just to get you started on your way.

There were only 16 entrants in the European Championship back then, so this should be a doddle... right?


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