Quiz! Can you name the 25 goalkeepers with the most Premier League appearances?

Petr Cech
(Image credit: Getty)

You have five minutes to guess 25 goalkeepers.

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo, and challenge some friends while you're at it.

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Are goalkeepers the most under-appreciated members of any team? Well... that certainly depends on the team.

In some sides, you can almost forget who the no.1 is but Chelsea and Liverpool spending a combined £130m or so on Kepa and Alisson respectively - neither are answers in today's quiz - certainly thrust glovesmen well into the spotlight. 

And nowadays, there's a lot of pressure on your keeper to be the first one building up from the back of course. No more hiding behind your back four and hoping that they'll do the work for you.

Not that any of the lads in our list ever did that. They're the 25 keepers in the league with the most appearances since 1992 - how many of them can you remember from the depths of history?


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