Footballers as James Bond villains: Dr. Wenger, Blofeld Barthez, Rosa Strachan...

To celebrate the release of Spectre, Nick Moore ponders which Bond baddies match up to football's more modern types... 

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1) Ernst Blofeld: Fabien Barthez 

We’re sure that former Manchester United and France custodian Barthez doesn’t sit around his house in a leather swivel-chair, wearing a lapel-free suit, stroking a white Turkish Angora cat and extorting the Chinese government in an attempt to provoke all-out conflict between the superpowers – he seems like a nice man, really.

But his baldy mush is deeply reminiscent of Donald Pleasence’s superb turn as Bond’s arch-nemesis, and Fab only really needs a duelling scar to complete the look.

Also, Blofeld drove the car in the drive-by assassination of Bond’s only wife, Tracy, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, while Barthez is an accomplished wheel-handler himself, becoming a highly respected racing driver since retiring in 2007, and crowned French GT Champion in a Ferrari in 2013. Coincidence? We think not.