FourFourTwo's 50 favourite football shirts... EVER

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5. England, third (1990)

A kit that shouldn’t really be admirable: the overlaid diamonds that Umbro went bananas for around this time could often be nausea-inducing, but this one somehow worked. Worn with effortless chic by Barney Sumner in the World In Motion video, it encapsulates the good vibes of that summer neatly.

4. Lazio, home (1982-83)

Further excellence from the NR brand, whose simple baby blue effort with beautiful trim was saved from looking like a toddler’s top by its ingenious, striking – if slightly fascistic – expansion of the Lazio eagle badge.

3. Holland, home (1976)

Johan Cruyff was sponsored by Puma, and thus tore one of the three stripes of the company’s mortal enemy from his Netherlands shirt – somehow making it look even cooler. Maybe the best ever Oranje shirt, on the planet’s most stylish-ever operative.

2. Boca Juniors, home (1981)

It’s hard to think of a more perfect collision of iconic team, player and kit: the bouffant-bonced Maradona still had his baby cheeks when he pulled on Argentina’s most striking shirt for one glorious season before switching to Barça.

1. Denmark, home (1986)

Many of the Norse marauders who would go on to win Euro ’92 were at the Mexico World Cup, where they modelled the tournament’s most pulchritudinous top. Made by Aarhus-based firm hummel, its striking chevrons and gentlemanly pinstripes worked wonderfully.

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