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Quiz! Can you name the 34 players with most caps for Brazil?

The 2019 Copa America is underway, and you can already feel the excitement here in Britain, where people all over the country will tonight be tuning in to watch Brazil take on Venezuela at... er, 1.30am.

Sod that, then. FourFourTwo is all grown up now (25 years old, if we hadn’t mentioned (opens in new tab)) and we can’t be staying up until all hours on a school night. We’d barely be up in time to make your daily lunchtime quiz.

No, this will have to make do. Challenge yourself here, and then sit back in your chair, close your eyes and think of the Selecao. That pass! That baby celebration! That terrifying health concern that should probably have prevented starting in a World Cup final!

Yes, we would simply like you to list the 34 players who have made most appearances for the Brazil national team. We’re giving you the number of caps they received, the date of their most recent appearance, their position – and a nine minutes to do it in.

Seen us a screengrab of your score after (@FourFourTwo (opens in new tab) on The Twitter), and then see if any of your friends can beat your score.


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