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Quiz! Can you name Manchester United's 32 Champions League scorers of the last 10 seasons?

Manchester United Champions League

Oh, how the mood has shifted. Before Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival at Manchester United, the 2008 Champions League winners were all set for bumbling humiliation against Thomas Tuchel’s scary PSG side.

But things change quickly. For starters, United have won 10 of their 11 matches under Solskjaer’s tenure, and their biggest stars are playing with a freedom that would have sent a horrified Jose Mourinho scurrying off to kick Luke Shaw in the shins.

Not only that, but their Parisian opponents will also be without a crocked Neymar at this crucial stage for the second season running.

In all, it sets up one of the most interesting ties of this year’s Champions League last 16, as Manchester United aim to reach the quarter-finals for the first time since David Moyes’s doomed season of 2013/14.

For today’s quiz, we want you to name the Red Devils’ goalscorers in this competition over the last 10 seasons (including this one). We’re sticking eight minutes on the clock for you to recall as many as you can and then tell us how you got on @FourFourTwo – places on our daily Twitter leaderboard are up for grabs.

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