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Quiz! Can you name the players who've played for Man United against Juventus since 1996?

David Beckham Gary Neville Juventus

Arguably, Manchester United vs Juventus was the Champions League’s first great rivalry.

For three straight seasons the two clubs did battle from 1996-1999; initially, Alex Ferguson learned from Marcello Lippi’s superior 1996 winners until his United side eventually triumphed over the Italian giants in that famous 1998/99 semi-final.  

They also met in the 2002/03 group stage when Manchester United won twice en route to the quarter-finals, but not again for 16 years until this season, when Juventus came away from Old Trafford with a comfortable 1-0 win.

These days, the tables have turned – now it’s the Old Lady who look significantly stronger than their Premier League rivals, as last month’s controlled display in Manchester showed.

For today’s quiz, we want you to name all 77 United players who’ve featured in matches against Juventus since 1996, although bear in mind that many of them are worth multiple points.

Got what it takes? Ten minutes are on the clock. When you’re done, tell us your scores @FourFourTwo and we’ll add them to our daily leaderboard. After that, share it around with some friends to see how they get on.

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