New Champions League ball: What Europe's elite will be playing with in the group stage

Adidas Champions League ball group stage football 2020
(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas has revealed the ball that will be used in Champions League group stage games this season, ahead of the group draws on Thursday night. The new Champions League ball will be used for the first time in matches taking place on October 20 and 21, when the 2020/21 tournament kicks off in earnest.

The UCL Finale 20 Pro has thermally bonded panels for seamless construction, a polyurethane cover for better grip in different weather conditions, and a butyl bladder for long-lasting air retention – something which remains an issue even with top-of-the-range footballs.

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In a classic Champions League stars design, the ball is coloured white, Royal Blue, Signal Coral and Sky Tint – or white, blue and orange-y, to the rest of us.

It's already on general sale (opens in new tab), and while the £119.95 price tag may look steep, it's pretty standard for a match official football. In fact, it's £5 cheaper than the Premier League Nike Flight (opens in new tab).

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Adidas Champions League Group Stage ball 2020

(Image credit: Adidas)

If you like the look, but are still balking at the price tag, you can get the near-identical UCL Finale 20 Competition version for just £42.95 (opens in new tab) – a saving of £77, which isn't to be sniffed at.

There are further cheaper options, too, because – let's face it – for a lot of us the standard of football isn't going to be what propels us into our local park's Thiago Alcantara.

In the same colour scheme is the UCL Finale 20 League ball, for £29.95 (opens in new tab), and the UCL Finale 20 Texture Training ball, which is available for a very reasonable £21.95 (opens in new tab) and still comes in a full size 5, as well as smaller sizes .

If you're not a fan of 'Sky Tint', the UCL Finale 20 Club football comes in black, gold and white, and can be yours for just £17.95 (opens in new tab) – a full £102 cheaper than the match ball. Or if you have certain continental allegiances, a new black and pink Real Madrid ball (opens in new tab) or black and orange Juventus ball (opens in new tab) can also be bought for £21.95.

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