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FIFA 21 for XBox Series X pre-order: the new console is now available to buy – here's how you can play the latest FIFA on it

Xbox Series X Series S pre-order
(Image credit: Microsoft / XBox)

XBox Series X pre-orders have begun ahead of its November 10 release – and if you pre-order FIFA 21 for the current XBox One today, you can upgrade it to the Series X version as soon as you have your new console – for free.

Pre-ordering FIFA 21 for XBox One ahead of its own October 9 release means you could be playing the latest FIFA on a next-gen console as soon as the Series X comes out. It also has backwards compatibility, meaning you can play any of your current XBox One games on it.

Wednesday, September 23 update: While every retailer sold out on the first day, pre-orders begin today at 10am on Good luck!

Getting your hands on the XBox Series X can be difficult at the moment, with low stock, queues and unpredictable pre-order pages. The Series X is retailing at around £449, while the Series S – a smaller, digital-only console – is selling for around £249.

Here, we've rounded up the best places to pre-order both the new XBox and FIFA 21, so you can just relax and wait for them to arrive.

Stock may come in and out at a number of retailers, so we've tried to provide as many as possible to give you the best chance.

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XBox Series X and FIFA 21 pre-order quick links

XBox Series X and S UK pre-orders:

  • Microsoft: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Very: pre-order for £249 / £449 
  • Argos: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Amazon: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Currys: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • John Lewis: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • AO: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • GAME: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Smyths Toys: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Tesco: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Simply Games: pre-order for £249 / £449
  • Shopto: pre-order for £249 / £449

FIFA 21 XBox pre-orders:

  • Amazon: pre-orders live now
  • Currys: pre-orders live now
  • Argos: pre-orders live now
  • Very: pre-orders live now

For all the best deals on pre-ordering FIFA 21 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, check out our FIFA 21 pre-order page here

The new XBox is available in two versions: the main XBox Series X console with all the trimmings will set you back £449, while the digital-only Series S version is a comparatively peanuts £249.

The cheaper digital console will only play digitally downloaded games – so make sure you don't purchase a physical copy of FIFA 21 on disc if you plan on buying the lighter hardware.

XBox Series X pre-orders in the UK round-up

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: £249 / £449 at Amazon

Amazon will have rolling stock – so if it seems sold out when you first look, it could be worth checking back later. It's likely to have one of the biggest stocks of any retailer, so this a link worth bookmarking.View Deal

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: £249 / £449 at Microsoft

Getting your pre-order direct from the Microsoft source is a good idea – and although it quickly sold out in Australia, we'd expect them to replenish stock sharpish, so it's another one to keep an eye on if hope seems lost.View Deal

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: £249 / £449 at Currys PC World

Pre-orders haven't begun at Currys' online store yet, with only in-store pre-orders beginning at 10am. We'd expect that to change soon, and ss such a big tech retailer, they are expected to have a large amount of stock available when pre-orders start.View Deal

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: £249 / £449 at Very

Very was the most reliable stockist for PS5 on pre-order day – but stock still ran out quickly. Check here for the latest availability, but be fast about it.View Deal

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: £249 / £449 at Game

Game is a reliable stockist for new consoles – but with the popularity of the XBox, the site has been difficult to get on so far. If you get through, make sure you're ready to buy.View Deal

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