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How to play like Mesut Ozil: Master the 1v1: Part 2

The best players in the world all have one thing in common. No, it’s not a fleet of sports cars or a model wife. They’ve all got a box of tricks to leave defenders in a spin.


FFT is partial to the odd Cruyff turn, but our fancy flicks and turns normally leave us in a heap on the floor and nursing a bad back on the treatment table.


However, we do know a playmaker when we see one. Mesut Ozil is a man with a few tricks up his sleeve, so we thought we’d polish up our skills with a drill based on his game.


This session – designed by Coerver Coaching co-founder Alfred Galustian (@coerveralf) – will test your decision making as you decide whether to go it alone and head for goal, or play a one-two to get the better of your man.


Press play and take the first step towards sharpening your attacking toolkit.


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