Injunction stalls Victoria's NPL plans

THE Magistrate's Court has slapped an injunction on Football Federation Victoria, preventing the implementation of the National Premier League in the state until the case can be heard in the Supreme Court.

FFV confirmed on Monday the NPL process has stalled until further orders from the court.

The federation is restrained from announcing the NPL clubs, and prohibited from taking any further steps towards establishing, organising or implementing the league in 2014 or beyond.

Chief Magistrate Mr Peter Lauritsen granted the application of two Zone Representatives to uplift the matter to the Supreme Court, with a date to be announced in the near future.

The FFV said it was “considering the implications for its stakeholders and will communicate with them in due course”.

The hearing will determine whether or not the NPLV proceeds next season. As it stands, the Victorian Premier League looks set to continue as the top-tier of football in the state for at least another year.

Clubs support the NPL in Victoria, but not the FFV model.

A meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 15 between the 61 co-signatory clubs to “review the current events” and “determine the next steps to protect the football landscape in Victoria”.

In a statement released to the clubs, FFV, FFA and media, two of the men behind the push against the existing model - Nicholas Tsiaras and Tom Kalas - thanked and congratulated their legal team.

The statement read: “It’s disappointing that we need take to task the organisation that we fund.

“We will succeed and do so in readiness for the new NPLV model in 2014.”

“We are united and determined to work for the good of the game in Victoria.”

An NPL model agreed to by clubs complies with FIFA statues on promotion and relegation, as well as the freedom of movement of players across the state with no barriers due to zoning, and a number of other factors not included in the FFV proposal.

Meanwhile, after a meeting between zone representatives two weeks ago, 11 of the 14 in attendance voted to replace the FFV board at the next AGM, with the other three choosing to abstain.