Dario Vidosic talks free-kicks

Adelaide United and Socceroos free-kick specialist Dario Vidosic takes FourFourTwo Performance through his secrets to taking set-pieces

Follow your routine

“First of all, work out where you want to deliver it. Once you know where you want to deliver it, it’s all about concentration, planting your feet and executing. 

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“It’s pretty simple, but it requires a lot of repetition and practice. You find your style and how you want to deliver it. From there it’s about the team and what they want from you, in terms of who to aim for and which areas.”

Take your time

“You want to take your time. During the game, everything is pretty hectic. A lot of goals are scored from corners and set-pieces, so take your time, there’s no rush, calm yourself and make the delivery as good as possible.”

Practice makes perfect

“Nowadays training depends on workloads, but sometimes at the end of sessions I’ll take some time to set up the ball, put the wall in front of you and try to deliver into the right areas. The practice makes a difference.”

Pick a point to hit the ball

“Most of the time I know roughly where on the ball I want to hit it. So I’ll set it up and take my steps away from it. That’s about ensuring when I approach it I’m in the right motion and hit it where I intend to hit it.”

Aim for the player in the wall’s noggin

“Instead of aiming for the goal, to make it easier, you aim for the guys in the wall. I aim for just above their head, because if a ball is coming at that speed, the normal reaction is to move away from it. It’s even better if it’s in between two players, because they’ll be unsure.

“That way it’s easier to aim at something which is 10 metres than 20-30 metres away.”

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