Late for the game? Skate to it!

If you have no time for your usual pre-match warm-up, a heart-pumping journey to the game will do the job

Run for it

“If you’ve missed your lift to the ground and know you will be late, don’t rely on a swig of water and spray of Deep Heat for a warm-up,” warns West Brom’s conditioning coach, Mark Jarvis. “A 10-15 minute jog to the game will ensure you’re ready when the whistle blows.”

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On your bike son!

“No time to run, no problem – just  hop on your bike,” advises Jarvis. “Cycling is perfect, especially if your knees, hips and ankles creak at the start of a game. Riding to the ground achieves many of the typical warm up goals – ie. a raised body temperature.”

Er, skateboard?!

“It might sound like a joke, but skateboarding is a more specific warm-up than you might think,” explains Jarvis. “The most common football injury is a hamstring tear. The pulling action in skateboarding replicates the role of hamstrings in sprinting very nicely."

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