Ex-Bolton, Liverpool forward El Hadji Diouf is thinking of running for Senegal presidency

As a footballer, Diouf seemingly hit the headlines more for his confrontational nature than his actual playing career.

He spent 12 years in Britain turning out for the likes of Liverpool, Sunderland, Bolton, Blackburn, Rangers and Leeds.

After stating last year that he wished to become an MP in Senegal, Diouf may now have a crack at becoming his nation's president.

The Dakar-born 37-year-old admitted to being inspired by former Chelsea and PSG striker Weah, who is now the president of Liberia.

Diouf said: "I am looking after myself and my family. For many years I use to think about football but I have a new career and it is a political career.

"I have taken the decision to do politics because I have people waiting for me to change things in my country and I'm ready to do that because I want to be the soldier of the youngsters.

"My future is defined. In the next two years I'll be joining politics, because I know from that point I can change a lot in football. I have a lot of passion for politics, and I have people in Senegal who are mentoring me. That is the future for me, because a lot of Senegalese people are able to listen to me.

"I took high-level coaching courses, but decided not to continue since I have better plans for things I want to do." 

Diouf had better hope he's far more popular in Senegal than he is on these shores, however: Neil Warnock once compared him to a "sewer rat", while former Liverpool team-mates Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard are just two high-profile figures to have spoken ill of the forward.

World leaders, beware. 

In Other News...

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