FIFA 21 ‘Sweaty Players’: The 10 fastest stars for under 50k coins

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Pace is by far the most important stat in FIFA 21. Without it, you’ll struggle to find the back of the net. 

If any of your forwards have less than 90 pace, you could be scoring a lot more goals if you had faster players leading your attack.

On that note, here’s a look at 10 pacey forwards you can sign on Ultimate Team, all of whom cost less than 50k coins;

Note: The FUT market is always in flux, so some of the prices may vary.

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Vinicius Junior


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Price: 2,500 coins

If you’re on the lookout for a cheap winger who can consistently muster goalscoring opportunities for your team, look no further than Vinicius Junior. 

The Real Madrid wonderkid is incredibly difficult to keep up with on the flanks thanks to his 95 pace rating. He’s also buttery smooth on the ball because of his 94-rated agility stat. Rated 68, Vinicus Junior’s shooting isn’t the best, but if you apply a deadeye chemistry style on his card, you’ll be able to bump his shooting up to 83, turning him into a lethal weapon for your team.

Kingsley Coman


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 7k coins

Coman led Bayern Munich to Champions League glory last season, and he can lead your Ultimate Team to weekend league glory if you give him a try. With 93 pace, your opponent’s defenders will eat his dust every time he runs down the flanks. 

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Pace isn’t Coman’s only asset, though, as he boasts 87 dribbling which makes him incredibly hard to tackle. 

Douglas Costa


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 36k coins

Douglas Costa is arguably one of the most electrifying players on Ultimate Team. He boasts 93 pace, he possesses a five-star skill rating and to top it all off, he’s got 90 dribbling. He’s essentially a cheap Neymar, minus the five-star weak foot. 

There are two versions of his card, one in Juventus and one in Bayern. His Juventus card costs slightly more than his Bayern card but is still fairly affordable - whichever one you pick up, rest assured that he’ll wreak havoc on your opponents. 

Ansu Fati (in-form)


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 16,500 coins

Barcelona wonderkid Ansu Fati earned himself a solid In-form card in the first week of FIFA 21 after bagging a brace against Villareal on September 27.

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His IF card boasts 90 pace, 94 agility and 87 balance, all of which combine to make him incredibly effective at taking players on in 1v1 situations.

Hirving Lozano


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 1k coins

Hirving Lozano is by far one of the most dangerous players to have graced Ultimate Team in recent years. 

He was OP in FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20, and despite costing a measly 1k coins, he’s still OP in FIFA 21 thanks to his 93 pace rating. If you’re running a Serie A team, you can’t go wrong with Lozano in your squad.

Adama Traore


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 9k coins

With 96 pace, once Traore starts running, there’s no catching him. He’s not just lightning-quick, though, he’s also super strong, making him even harder to keep up with on the virtual pitch.

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If you play with a Premier League squad, do yourself a favour and add Traore to your squad.



(Image credit: EA)

Price: 6k coins

If your team is built around Premier League players, you should be thrilled with the fact that Leeds United managed to lure Rodrigo to England last summer.

The Spaniard is incredibly overpowered as he boasts 91 pace and a four-star skill rating. He’s also 6’0 which makes him dangerous in aerial situations. There aren’t many affordable strikers who are as effective than Rodrigo, so you’d do well to let him lead your line.

Allan Saint-Maximin


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 40k coins

Saint-Maximin is a saucy player. He’s got a big bag of tricks up his sleeve thanks to his five-star skill rating, and being blessed with 93 pace, he’s able to outrun most defenders in the game.

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Despite being an 80-rated player, he performs like a baby icon. There aren’t that many NIF players that can maintain a similar performance level so if you run a Premier League squad, make sure you have Saint-Maximin manning your flanks.

Hwang Hee-Chan


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 800

Hwang Hee-Chan costs next to nothing - yet, he is incredibly effective thanks to his 93 pace.

He is one of the fastest players in the Bundesliga, and the entire game. Outside of his pace,  Hee-Chan possesses 91 agility which allows him to make sharp turns and evade tackles with ease. If you’re extremely short on coins and in need of an efficient striker, this is your guy.

Wilfred Zaha


(Image credit: EA)

Price: 12k coins

Zaha is one of the most exciting wingers in the Premier League and EA has done a solid job of replicating his style of play. He boasts 90 pace, 87 agility and 86 ball control making him a force to be reckoned with on and off the ball. 

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He also possesses 77 strength which allows him to shrug players off while he runs across goal. Stick Zaha in your team and watch him unlock your opponents’ backline with ease.


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