FIFA 22: The best Premier League XI you can buy in FUT for under 100k coins

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
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Premier League players are typically more expensive in FIFA 22's FUT than players from any other league. That’s due to the league’s sheer popularity amongst the game’s core player base.

But despite how expensive Premier League cards are in Ultimate Team, you don’t have to break the bank to put a solid squad together.

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There’s a ton of affordable  players on FUT who can lead you to glory in the Weekend League and Division Rivals, and we’ve put together a whole squad of them, for less than 100k coins.

GK: Nick Pope

Price: 1.4k coins

If you’ve been playing FIFA 22, you must’ve noticed how overpowered goalkeepers currently are. You could probably stick a bronze goalkeeper in goal right now and watch him perform like prime Manuel Neuer.

Fortunately, EA is poised to patch the goalkeeper buff over the next few weeks - and when they do, you won’t be able to get away with using any random goalkeeper. In light of that, you’re better off signing a reliable goalkeeper right now - and if you’re running a Premier League team, there’s no better cheap goalkeeper than Nick Pope.

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He’s tall (6’6), has great positional awareness - and he also possesses the saves with feet trait - which grants him the ability to save low driven shots effectively. With a current market price of just 1.4k coins, you’ll want Pope in your team when EA releases a patch for goalkeepers.

RB: Emerson Royal


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Price: 2,600 coins

Emerson is a bit of an anomaly in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Despite being a “non-rare” card, he is one of the best cheap right-backs you can sign right now.

Ordinarily, he possesses 84 pace and 74 defending - however with a shadow chemistry style you’ll be able to bump his pace and defending up to 94 and 82 respectively. 

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Outside of Emerson your EPL right-back options are Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker. All three players cost 17k, 30k and 79k respectively - so unless you’re currently swimming in coins, you’d do well to bring Emerson into your team.

CB: Caglar Soyuncu


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Price: 850 coins

Soyuncu is proof that you don’t need to break the bank to acquire decent players in Ultimate Team.

The Turkish centre-back was one of the most overpowered players in FIFA 21 - and not much has changed on that front in the latest instalment of the game. Soyuncu has 86 pace, 88 defending and 82 strength with a shadow chemistry style.

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He also possesses 76 short passing which allows him to pass the ball out of the back - so if you favour a Guardiola-esque defender who also boasts strong defensive abilities, look no further than Soyuncu.

CB: Cristian Romero


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Price: 3.5k coins

Standing at 6’1 with 86 jumping and 82 strength - Cristian Romero is an absolute powerhouse in defence.

His physicality is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his defensive qualities, though. That’s because with a shadow chemistry style, Romero boasts 86 pace, 90 interceptions and 88 defensive awareness - all of which make him an exceptional defender.

LB: Kieran Tierney


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Price: 750

Going for just 750 coins, Tierney is one of the biggest steals in the transfer market.

He boasts a high/high work rate - which essentially means he contributes to both defensive and attacking sequences. 

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While his pace may not be particularly ideal - you can bump his pace up to 94 with a shadow chemistry style, making him a force to be reckoned with in the left flank.

CM: Fred


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Price: 3.5k coins

While he may struggle in real life for Manchester United - Fred is arguably one of the best cheap midfielders in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

He’s pretty similar to N’golo Kante - with the biggest difference between both players being their prices - as Fred costs around 492k less than the Frenchman. Fred possesses extremely nimble footwork thanks to his 88 agility and 87.

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He also has a lot of stamina (93) which allows him to play a full 90 minutes on the virtual pitch without getting worn out. In terms of his defensive qualities, Fred has 87 pace and 83 defending, making him pretty good at thwarting attacking threats.

CM: Fabinho


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Price: 10k coins

Fabinho is an absolute brick wall in FIFA 22. 

Standing at 6’2, with 81 strength, 85 aggression and 85 defending - Fabinho is a difficult man to run past on the virtual pitch.

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The biggest downside to Fabinho is his pace (67), but with a shadow chemistry style you’ll be able to bump his pace up to 77 - which is pretty decent for a defensive-minded player.

RW: Leon Bailey


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Price: 5k coins

Leon Bailey is the archetypal overpowered player in FIFA. He’s fast, skilful and he’s pretty good at scoring goals.

A hunter chemistry style grants him 99 pace, 89 finishing and 84 shot power, making him a fearsome figure in the attacking third.

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He also boasts 86 agility, 84 balance and 82 ball control - allowing him to glide across the virtual pitch and dribble past players effortlessly.

CAM: Phil Foden


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Price: 18k coins

Foden draws a lot of parallels with Lionel Messi in Ultimate Team as well as in real life. Like Messi, Foden has a diminutive frame which grants him greater control over the ball than most players.

Foden is also pretty good at distributing the ball as evidenced by his vision and short passing which are both rated 84.

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In order to get the best out of Foden’s card, you’ll need to apply a hunter chemistry style on him. A hunter chem style would grant him 94 pace and 89 shooting, making him difficult to mark in the attacking third.

LW: Allan Saint-Maximin


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Price: 12.5k coins

If you’re on the lookout for a player with heaps of flair and pace then look no further than Allan Saint-Maximin.

The Frenchman possesses a five-star skill rating, 91 pace and 87 dribbling - all of which make him difficult to mark.

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But while Saint-Maximin is great on the ball - his finishing is below par, as it is rated just 65. Fortunately, you can boost his finishing by 15 points with a Finisher chemistry style.

ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


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Price: 30k coins

Aubameyang is one of the best strikers you can sign on a budget in FIFA 22.

He’s tall, pacey, skilful and physical - if you stick him up front he’ll undoubtedly lead your team to glory in Division Rivals and the Weekend League.

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The best chemistry style to apply on Aubameyang would be an Engine chem style as it would offer him a +5 boost to his agility along with a +10 boost to his balance - making his footwork more nimble and precise.


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