Quiz! Can you identify these 40 European clubs by their unusual nicknames?

Atletico Madrid

10 minutes on the clock, 40 clubs to guess

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

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When Liverpool took on Mexico's Monterrey in the Club World Cup semi-final last year, it saw 'the Reds' take on 'the Striped Ones'. While the former is pretty bog-standard, the latter is a little more unusual to British ears (even if it is still straightforwardly descriptive).

While this quiz is more parochial, sticking to European teams, there are some more out-there nicknames closer to home than central America. 

Whether it's the "Sons of Gods", the "Moody Diva" or, simply, "the Cabbage", we don't need to travel to Qatar to find some weird nicknames. How many, though, do you recognise?

For some of these clubs, the above is in addition to a more formal moniker. Others proudly boast their unusual animal or foodstuff as a main handle. But each is an actual in-use nickname and not something we’ve made up. Honest.


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