FourFourTwo's 50 favourite football shirts... EVER

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10. Ascoli, home (1981-82)

Just beautiful. From the Gridiron field judge stripes to the neat ‘Pop 84 Jeans’ sponsor and discreet badge, the Woodpeckers out-Juve Juventus with this effort.

9. Bastia, home (1978-79)

No sponsor, just a giant version of the club's Corsican crest and acronym dominating this adidas delight. 

8. Napoli, home (1990-91)

The kit that followed the Partonopei’s finest hour: their second (and last) league title, Diego in his barmy pomp, and an NR shirt with a Mars logo that’ll make Serie A romantics go misty-eyed.

7. Saint-Etienne, home (1980-81)

No side have ever had such a sexy je ne sais quoi as Saint-Etienne, and this is a shirt so Gallic it should be having an affair with your next-door neighbour. The green number - replete with massive SUPER TELE sponsors – looked magnifique on the back of the French kings, a side including Jacques Santini and Michel Platini. Allez les Verts!

6. France, home (1984)

Wasn't Platini a very lucky boy? Before he was a puffed-up ball of UEFA administrative self-importance, the Frenchman was one of the most aesthetically delightful humans to ever grace a yard of grass, and this shirt was his equal: a never-bettered Bleus masterpiece.