Ranked! The 15 best England shirts of all-time

England Italia 90 shirt

Nick Moore rates the finest threads we ever did see our beloved Three Lions wear

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15. 1995-96, home

England Euro 96 shirt

Hardly high style: thanks to the baggy mid-90s trend, the shirts were absolutely ginormous, making beanpoles like Darren Anderton and Steve McManaman look like they’d just run through a sheet on their mum’s washing line. The centralised badge and Umbro logo is fairly basic, too – but it remains one of England’s most fondly remembered efforts thanks to a glorious summer performance from the Three Lions at Euro ’96.

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14. 2003-05, away

England Euro 2004 away shirt

If an England shirt could take your nan down the road to vote for Brexit, it’d be this one. Featuring the most patriotic shoulders possible – as if the players’ children had draped small St George’s crosses over dad’s back – it still somehow looked pretty sweet, and was apparently the exact same shade of red as the ’66 final shirt.

13. 2009-10, home

England World Cup 2010 shirt

Remember Wayne Rooney going into aggro mode after England’s dire 0-0 draw with Algeria at South Africa 2010 – “Nice to see your own fans booing you”? At least he looked terrific as well as grumpy in this very workable Umbro number.

12. 1984-88, home

England World Cup 1986 shirt

A classy neckline and pale stripes gave this top a businesslike feel, and business was also reasonably good for the garments’ occupants – especially Gaz Lineker, who won the 1986 World Cup Golden Boot wearing one.

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11. 1987-89, home

England Euro 88 shirt

A staple eighties England shirt, this has been boosted in the public perception by that famous pic of Terry Butcher: bandage around head, dripping in claret after either fighting off numerous wild animals or bonking his head during a 1989 World Cup qualifier with Sweden. “I needed seven stitches in the wound, the problem was that the doc did only five,” recalled the defender. “But if Bobby Robson had substituted me, I’d have hit him.”