Verheijen vs the world: All 323 of Dutch Ray's critical tweets from 2016 sorted by club and coach

Outspoken former Wales coach Raymond Verheijen has been a busy boy on Twitter, and we've sorted his 323(!) tutting tweets from 2016 into clubs, coaches and countries getting the shaking-head treatment

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Barely a day goes by without Raymond Verheijen taking to Twitter to criticise a club, coach or occasionally an entire country. In the 350 days of 2016 so far, he has launched 323 critical tweets at various footballing names.

Dutch Ray's passionate belief in his own viewpoint on modern coaching, rest and injury prevention have seen him lash out in all directions, but who gets the worst of it? We decided to collate them into blocks, for your viewing pleasure; you can even jump to the sections you like (if you give the interactives a few seconds to load). This is what we found... (Thanks to Pete McCarthy for research/words.)

The roll of 'honour':

Ray vs Jurgen

Ray vs LFC

Ray vs Poch

Ray vs Arsene

Ray vs MUFC

Ray vs England

Ray vs Pep

Ray vs the world