Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou: VAR controversies still down to 'human beings'

Ange Postecoglou gestures during Tottenham's 2-1 win at home to Liverpool in the Premier League in September 2023.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou admits he is not a fan of VAR and insists the technology is still vulnerable to mistakes because of 'human error'.

Spurs' 2-1 win over Liverpool in the Premier League on Saturday came after VAR upgraded Curtis Jones' first-half yellow card to a red and then disallowed a perfectly good goal scored by Luis Diaz following a monumental mix-up.

"I think I'm on record saying that I've never really been a fan of it since it came in," Postecoglou told reporters after the game.

"Not for any other reason than I think that it complicates areas of the game that I thought were pretty clear in the past, but I can see at the same time why it was inevitable that technology would come in. We have to deal with it.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was critical of VAR after the game, but Postecoglou insists mistakes are normal – with or without the technology.

"The game is littered with historical refereeing decisions that weren't right, but we all accepted that it was part of the game because we're dealing with human beings," he said.

"I think that people are under the misconception that VAR is going to be errorless. I don't think there's any technology because so much of our game isn't factual. It's down to interpretation, and they're still human beings.

"When you put such a high bar on something, it invariably is going to fail, so if people are thinking that VAR is going to be something that at some point that is perfect, that's never going to happen."

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