Quiz! Can you name the 26 highest-scoring Premier League players by letter of the alphabet?

Today’s quiz is brought to you by the letters A and Z – plus all the rest in between, as we ask you to name the Prem’s top goalscorers by surname

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Winners medals? Golden boots? PFA awards? Daddy’s Sauce Dad of the Year? Throw all of these in the trash (sorry, JT).

We all know the honor that each Premier League player truly craves: the title of being the highest ever scorer by starting letter of their last name. Below are the players who top each category, from the ‘S’ man with 260 goals to Mr ‘X’ with just four.

One note: when a player has several names, it’s just the starting letter of the first part of their surname. So, for example, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would be an ‘O’ if he was in the below (he isn’t), while Graham Le Saux would be ‘L’ (he isn’t either).

Now! We’ve given you 10 mins for this brainteaser, plus each player’s goal totals and position. Let us know which letters stumped you @FourFourTwoUSA - we’ll retweet the best scores if you don’t give any answers away - then challenge some pals too.

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