Babalj brace boosts rehab Roo

Socceroo Eli Babalj has continued his rehabilitation from a six-month lay-off with a first-half double for Jong AZ in their 8-2 win over ADO 20 on Tuesday night.

Babalj, 22, had returned last week by playing 45 minutes for Jong AZ having undergone hernia surgery in September.

In his second game back, the potential World Cup bolter got through an hour in Tuesday’s match and hit the scoresheet with goals on 11 and 23 minutes to set up the win. Babalj opened his account from the penalty spot.

"Today he played for an hour according to the plan,” Jong AZ coach Reinier Robbemond told the club’s website.

“It's great for Eli to have scored twice. His next steps in training are up to him.”

Former Melbourne Heart striker Babalj has two Australia caps to his name, with two goals as well, scored against Guam.

Despite his last Australia cap coming in 2012, Babalj could be a World Cup bolter with the Socceroos short on attacking options.



So he had a good game, but he's not a Socceroo. He's just another in a long list of Holger's mistakes !
Thankfully we won't see Holger's mistakes anymore (Thwaite, C'Thwaite, Brosque, Emerton, Og, North, Babalj, Holland, Garcia, Rukavytsa, McDonald, B Jones).
To play for the Socceroos now thanfully you have to A) Be a superstar B) Have the potential to be a superstar.
If you aren't A or B then you won't be a Socceroo.
C) Making up the numbers guys don't make the team anymore under Ange.

Too much credit given to Ange there, Lester. As, seemingly, if you've not had HAL involvement, you find it hard to get into the Roos.

As for Babalj, good to see he is back from injury. Something that has plagued him for too long while in Holland.

@Lester, will you ever make sense? Eli is rated by many. Ruka is doing well in B2.

It's a great sign that the Socceroos have all gone through or are still in the A-League with the exception of Cahill. Revolution Eli is rated by many ? by who ? Are you saying he is better than Curtis Good, Rhys Williams, C Herd or L Neill ? our other backs if available ? His wikipedia page isn't updated so he doesn't have many fans it seems. Some people say everyone should be in the Socceroos, I suppose Holger agreed and tried everyone (except the stars Oar, Rogic, Leckie, Good, R Williams, Milligan etc).
You can't put everyone in the Socceroos because..... fifa says only 11 players can be on the field at a time.
Babalj is one of those everyone's.
Also, just cause you read some guy somewhere in Europe for some unheard of team scored a goal or two doesn't mean he should be in. Have you noticed the Euro guys don't necessarily do better ? McDonald was top scorer in Scotland yet couldn't score a goal in 30 games for Roos. Surely that proves Neil Lennon is an idiot for not playing Rogic and that their league isn't that good. Rogic with a bit of game time will be better than the best player in Scotland. Davidson isn't better than Milligan and has cost us a lot of goals and was the start of the collapse against Ecuador, yet he has a future, but isn't up to the A-League Milligans standard as yet, even if he is staring in Holland.
You guys need to respect the A-League like Ange does. Ruka isn't starting, Leckie is. Ruka is 26, Leckie is 23. Leckie is better. If you haven't made a name in the Roos by 23-24 yo, you don't deserve to be there. Of course Cahill, Kewell and Neill are names so can get selected. Guys like C'Thwaite, Thwaite and North are too old and shouldn't be given a go. As I say if you haven't made a name in the Roos by 23 you will never be a star and you are just taking up space in the Roos. That is what Holger done... wasted game time experience and development on old guys who weren't going anywhere.

Ange will do better against the last two WC finalists than Holger done against Kuwait and Qatar.
I dare anyone to say Ange will not do better than Holger. What's more is with 21 year olds not 34 year olds getting worse.

Europeans coaches were the Socceroos downfall (Pim and Holger) stunting our growth. Scotland didn't even qualify for the WC, but if they did the Roos would beat them with Rogic playing for the Roos and Scotland filled with the best players in Scotland. Proving Neill Lennon has the typical European lack of respect for Australian Football.
Silly people in Europe and Aussies who think Europe is great don't remember that we played the WC 1 player short and with bad decisions always against us.
This Ange young team will do better than losing to Germany 4-0 with Ange playing young 20 yo's guys rather than the golden generation 34 yo's. Kewell, Cahill, Schw were great, but Emerton, Grella, Wilkshere and lesser names let down the team and aren't as good as our new star team we are building.
If you aren't a star, you don't deserve a spot in the Roos. eg Babalj. Going to Europe often makes you sit on the bench and just get worse and Ruka on the bench half the time.