Experiment: How wind affects play

Extreme weather can really impact your game. So when 90km winds are battering the pitch, how does your team respond? Check out this awesome experiment.

The F2 Freestylers set up a match in south-east London between two 7-a-side teams: One known for their long ball tactics and the other brimming with short passing maestros.

It’s all part of Unibet’s cool new video series #LuckIsNoCoincidence.

The teams are tested in wind and non-wind conditions. So who fares best? And which team proves to be a bunch of blowhards?

Let's just say life is looking good for the up and over mob until the second half when five industrial-sized wind turbines crank up.

Ex-England, Tottenham and Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson: “I’ll take any conditions apart from wind…all footballers hate playing in wind…it just causes havoc.”

Over to Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, whose first impression when he arrived in Engand was? You guessed it, the wind.

Glen Hoddle, England manager 1996-1999 has this advice: “It’s a mental thing…You have to learn to adapt.”

Well that’s enough bluster from us. To watch all of Episode 1: Check the Weather go to #LuckIsNoCoincidence