Fan fury at FFA ban list leak

A front-page newspaper story naming and shaming fans allegedly on Football Federation Australia's ban list has provoked a furious backlash. 

Sydney-based journalist Rebecca Wilson said she wanted to make a  "genuine change" in Australian football by publicly naming all of those allegedly given bans by the FFA. 
The Daily Telegraph published on their website a full gallery of all 198 fans they claimed were banned from every stadium in the country, as well as posting several of those faces on the front page of its Sunday newspaper.
However, the outrage on social media was phenomenal - with fans around the country furious that supposedly confidential information was published in Sydney's most circulated newspaper.
The fact that fans banned also do not have a right to appeal the decision has been a hot topic among supporters for a while.
Fans groups have since claimed some of those pictured by the Telegraph have been misnamed and/or the wrong details of their alleged offences printed, while some others are under the age of 18.
Wilson, the Daily Telegraph and the FFA sparked furious reaction on Sunday, with even high-profile pundits such as Adam Peacock condemning the story.
This morning there was speculation that the source of the leak was through the SCG Trust, which operates Allianz Stadium, home of Sydney FC.
One supporter group, the West Sydney Terrace, even announced that they will boycott their club's next game to "take a stand against the FFA and the Daily Telegraph."
We've compiled a list of some of the reactions from Australian football fans and pundits on Twitter: